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PPC Campaigns Work — But Only With the Right Strategy

Did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend on Adwords? Or on average, 41 percent of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page?

As fascinating are these numbers, they could also be quite misleading, making people believe that PPC always brings good news. In reality, PPC campaigns work but only when backed by an efficient implementation of the efficient strategy.

At INAAX, we aim to bring this ‘efficiency’ for big and small companies in their Pay Per Click campaigns. And our past record of high investment and higher return has made us a leading name on the scene.

So if you’re looking to get instant traffic to your website and make some quick sales, take our hands. Today. Now.

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Pay Per Click - PPC Services

Start advertising/promoting your service, products, offers and sales at a minimum pay per click.

Invest to promote your business and see instant result. Whether you want to generate leads or make direct sales, with our wide range of solution, we have you covered from every angle.

Keyword Analysis

It all begins with a great selection of the most relevant keywords. Long-tail keywords with high search volume and low competition that promise big things.

Conversion Optimisation

Nothing can be worse than investing in paid advertisement only to find out that nobody is clicking on it and buying the promoted products. We make sure this never happens through data-driven strategies.

Landing Page

A perfect (and personalized) landing page leads to higher sales. Period. We optimize the landing page to easily engage the visitors and then convert them effectively.

Designing ADs

Beauty grabs eyeballs. That’s a simple fact. So our in-house designers work to make your display ad the most beautiful that exudes the right message to the right audience.

A/B Testing

No strategy is perfect. There’s always room for improvements. We ensure the PPC campaigns of our clients continuously get better in every implementation, yielding a better outcome than the last time.

Why should you choose us for PPC services?

500+ successful PPC campaign executed by us.

Till date, for our clients of diverse niches, we have executed over 500+ successful PPC campaigns. And the best part is we’re still relentless in our dedication to provide every business with a similar result. Here’s why INAAX should be your foremost choice:

  • Wide range of PPC solutions at one-stop
  • In-house team of experts
  • Personalized campaigns that assure big outcomes
  • World-class support
  • 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed

Stride forward, take our hands and let’s start with PPC. The following outcome would likely make this decision one of the best in marketing your business.

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