Common things to keep in mind for web designs.


Very few professionals and web designing companies take proper care while designing a website. Below you will find a list of some of the most common things that should be kept in mind while web designing, as well as some friendly reminders on what makes a website successful.

Most common things to keep in mind for web designs.

Organised content layout. Keep the content of the website in organised structure so that reader can easily read it. Never place content in a way that reader finds it difficult and confused where to look first. Guide their eyes through the page and it will be a success.

Good navigation. It’s good practice when readers have the possibility to navigate through the pages freely and swiftly at any moment. Navigation issues can be solved in different ways, some web designer includes stick headers, pagination or similar layouts.

Maintain readability of content. Many times implementing overdose of creativity designer’s miss the important factor of readability. Once visitor finds it difficult to read the content he/she will leave the site soon.

Use simple registration and inquiry form. Sometimes people ask too many information by which 80% visitors hesitate to fill it and leave the website without filling it. In case if you need more information, split it into two parts first, ask the basic and most important information after that ask for other once he/she submits it. Do not compel visitors to fill it all. As “Something is better than nothing”

Do not use heavy images and animation. Don’t use heavy images that make the site loading slow. 45% reader’s leave the site if a website takes more than 3 sec to load. Heavy use of animation distracts viewers from the main content that we need to show.

Call-to-actions and proper use of them. Each website is designed with purpose and goal to meet, placing call-to-action in proper way is very important to meet our goal.

Mobile friendly website. If your website can’t adjust to all major screen resolutions, you will potentially lose a lot of visitors as their experience has not been optimised.

Do not over-engineering – to make your interface do everything for everyone. It’s a utopia to be loved by everybody. People’s tastes and needs differ, so it would be better to focus on your targeted audience. Be clear with purpose and who your 90% audience are and ruthlessly drive the design with them in mind. You’ll have more chances to succeed. “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush”.

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