Why online logo maker tools are not recommended?


It’s been 6 years, I have come across 50+ businesses who have created logo through free online logo maker website.

Most of the time people do not take logo as the serious factor of a business, even sensible businessman makes such kind of mistake, I don’t know why?

People think spending money on the logo is worthless and it’s just a tradition to have a logo, so they try to create logo through some free logo maker tool.

Finally, they end up having a pathetic logo.

Logo is a face of your brand or business, logo has a great impact on people’s mind; unique and engaging logo leaves an impression on people’s mind about your business. Which in turn will help people to recall your brand when they are in search of product/service related to you.

To all businessman who does such mistakes, my advice is hire a good graphic designer or find a good logo designing company because there are some concrete reasons for it.

If you will create a logo using some online logo maker, you will not get

– Unique logo
As all logo maker tools have some predefine element set which will be used by many people.

– Concept won’t match
The elements that are available in these logo maker tool are generic so matching concept or type of your business is quite impossible.

– Unappealing Logo
When you create a logo through free online logo maker websites, you won’t get an appealing and attractive logo as you won’t get options to tweak the design as you need.

– Lack of creativity
Everything in logo maker tools consists of predefined logo formats, fonts, designs, icons. So you won’t get a chance to have your logo as per your imagination.


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