How Poor Page Speed Affects Your Business


Page Speed – measurement of how fast the content loads on your page.

Page speed is a very important factor for user experience. If page speed is high, it directly affects user comforts and indirectly gives low user experience. Day by day Google and other search engines try to make their algorithm smart enough to give best results. That’s why Google, Bing and other search engines give special attention on page speed. In 2010, Google announced website speed would begin having an impact on search ranking.

Good page speed will help you to rank your site from page 3 to 2, or from page 2 to 1, if your page is already on the first page, it will help to move your position higher.

In starting of my career, I was doing SEO of an education institute website. I have tried hard enough to rank up the site but I got success only for 3 keywords. One day, it clicked to me about the site speed and I went for a site speed audits and found it took around 12 sec to load. It was an OMG moment for me.

Next day, I insisted my technical team to optimize the site and increase the page speed. After some small improvement, we got 8 sec loading speed.

After some day, I checked the report and position of keyword rank changed drastically. I asked technical team to improve it and finally our page speed able to load in 3 sec and the result was unbelievable. The website started ranking for few more keywords and for other keywords we had major changes in their position.

Not only that, we also manage to improve our bounce ratio.

You will be wondering how it can affect bounce ratio. It’s very simple user experience. Visitors were able to access the website and information easily. As per the marketing experts, 80% people expect the website to load within 3 sec.

According to Pingdom report, 67% website is faster than 2.9 sec.

website speed test pingdom tool

Conclusion – Improving your page speed can help you to

  • Ranking your site
  • Improve your bounce rate.

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