Having your website is one of the best investment that you are ever going to make


We all know, we are leaving in an era, where most business models are based on the IT through website, e-commerce, mobile apps etc. It’s a great challenge to grow business with conventional strategies. New marketing strategies and ways needs to be adopted.

As per google survey 91% smartphone users search things in the middle of their task. The mobility of person, work and information are growing. People can get information what they need at any place and at any time. It’s time to think and rethink where your business stands today, and what is the reach of your business/services/product to your customers. 3 billion plus people are using the internet, and they are searching and viewing millions of services and products related to your business.

It’s time to get global, it’s time to explore and grow your business with regardless of territorial boundaries.

To grow big, to grow fast you will need to run with the fast growing digital market. The first step to enter into this market is having a website.

Yes, website, it is the entrance into digital space, where all magic is going to happen if proper marketing strategies are defined. Website is the point where people will start knowing about your business, products, services etc. Website will help you to grow your client list, it helps you to sell your products, and it will help you for growing leads.

Money spend on website and proper promotion can really turn it into good investment and marketing strategies. Many businesses are growing with less marketing expense; business-like, import-export, real estate, ticket booking, online food ordering, online classes, online webinars, service oriented business, job portals, machinery portals, and let’s not forget e-commerce portal’s that has changed the complete theory of sales.

A small website can make a large difference, to your business.

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Abbas Kapasi Founder of INAAX Digital Marketing Company. He is Google certified professional. He has helped 100+ brands & companies in increasing their revenue through Digital Marketing.

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